I have had the great privilege to meet many wonderful people in what I tend to describe as “The Brexit Shit Show” – for pretty this ain’t! I have started to conduct interviews with some of them and hope to continue this. Interviews are a great way to highlight key Brexit issues and explore its impact.


Interview with #EUSupergirl Madeleina Kay

Time to dare! Madeleina Kay does – now as Young European of the Year 2018

Madeleina Kay was never all that political. But then came the Brexit vote and everything changed. Since then she’s been tirelessly fighting Brexit as EU Supergirl, daring to take a stand for a better future and European solidarity – fighting not just for young Britons, but also the ideal of the EU itself. That’s why she was recently awarded the title Young European of the Year 2018 by the Schwarzkopf Foundation.

I recently met Madeleina at the March for Europe in Edinburgh. It’s where we dared together – with many more campaigners engaged in this important cause. For women, whether young or older, the fight against Brexit is particularly difficult because abuse of anti-Brexit campaigners, and misogynistic abuse in particular, is unfortunately very widespread and now part of our daily lives. So it was great to talk about what Brexit, and the fight against it, means to Madeleina. We both hope that more of you – women and men, everyone – will join us and dare. The time to do so is now! Regardless of where in Europe, where in the world, you live.

 Interview with German journalist Annette Dittert

German on Brexit Island — a visit to Annette Dittert’s houseboat London Calling: Als Deutsche auf der Brexit-Insel

Annette Dittert works as a journalist for the ARD, one of the main German TV channels. She used to host its main morning show and then worked, from 2001, as the ARD’s correspondent in Moscow, New York and Warsaw. Between 2008 and 2015, Annette Dittert was the ARD’s senior correspondent in London. Today she is, like me, a German on Brexit island, living in a country that we both fell in love with at first sight, but for the future of which we now have grave concerns. How EU citizens have been treated in the UK since the EU referendum, let’s be clear, is simply disgusting and truly shameful.

A a result of our shared experience, I was delighted to meet Annette Dittert via twitter. But it was even nicer to meet her in person on her houseboat, Emilia, in London recently, to talk about her book London Calling: Als Deutsche auf der Brexit-Insel, life on a houseboat, and her arte documentary “Polen vor der Zerreißprobe: Eine Frau kämpft um ihr Land”.